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4 Exterior Home Design Trends to Boost Your Curb Appeal in 2023

3 vinyl siding styles

Increase your curb appeal in 2023 with the latest exterior home design trends to add beauty, functionality and value to your home. The Gentek design experts have shared interior design and colour trends you can look forward to in 2023. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the exterior and ways to enhance your facade with these four design trends: 

Light Exteriors

In 2023, we anticipate an increase in light and neutral home exteriors. Create a trending exterior colour palette with classic white siding and trim or soft, earthy tones such as light greys and browns. If you need to replace your windows in the new year, black frames can add a modern touch to a crisp or warm white exterior.

Mix and Match Siding

Add interest, depth and detail to your facade with mix-and-match siding styles in 2023. Combine traditional horizontal siding on the main portion of the house with vertical board and batten siding, ChamClad Architectural Panels or shakes and scollops in the gables. Elevate your style and add character to your home by incorporating wooden accents or stone veneer detail

Large Windows 

Large energy-efficient windows will continue trending in 2023, filling homes with more natural light and expansive outdoor views. Install large picture windows to produce a larger glass surface, or create a custom look with unique shapes. Install a sliding patio door at the back of your home to continue this trend throughout the house. 

Front Porches

Make your home warm and welcoming with a new front porch or stylish overhang. A covered entrance doubles as a shaded shelter and extra outdoor living space, depending on the size. If you already have a front porch, refresh your entrance with a front door upgrade, new lighting and decorative planters.

Start your 2023 renovation or build with the Gentek Visualizer to compare exterior home design trends and achieve the look you want.