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4 Valid Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Gentek Regency windows with black interior frame

An energy-efficient window upgrade offers multiple benefits for you and your home. Replacement windows may enhance your home’s value, indoor comfort and energy savings while updating its style. If you’re on the fence about whether to replace your windows, consider these reasons to move forward:

Visible Damage

Visible damage such as decaying frames or warped and broken windows signifies the need for a replacement. If a problem window is letting in water or not opening or closing easily, address the issue immediately. Water infiltration can cause long-term damage to structural elements and attract mould. Excessive window condensation may also indicate a crack in the glass, which can cause your window to underperform. 

Window Drafts

While you can often see window damage, air leaks can be invisible. Old drafty windows can be responsible for up to 25% of energy loss and may cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Check window seals for air leaks. If you feel a draft, reseal cracks and gaps with weatherstripping, or caulk as a temporary fix while looking into a window replacement.

Noisy Neighbours

Your windows should work as a sound barrier between the outdoors and your home interior. If outdoor noise is getting noticeably louder, your windows may need replacing. The special Low-E coating on energy-efficient windows can provide effective soundproofing from noisy neighbours and traffic. Consider upgrading to an insulated glass package with triple glazing for best results.

Home Renovations

Worn and outdated windows can detract from your home’s curb appeal. If you are planning to renovate, consider replacing your windows while it’s already under construction. Take the opportunity to rethink the size and style of windows to let more natural light into your newly renovated home. 

If any of these four reasons apply to your unique situation, it’s time to find the ideal window replacement. Don’t forget to hire a professional to ensure your windows are sealed and performing correctly.