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8 Reasons to Choose a High Performance Door

Not all types of entry doors are the same. When it comes to selecting the perfect door, consumers face a multitude of choices, as various attributes like material, style, security, and energy efficiency come into play.

Novatech Group is proud to introduce its new High Performance door, which has been designed with energy efficiency that far surpasses that of a standard steel door. Read on to discover the many reasons you should consider a High Performance door built to save you energy.

1. The Best Choice for Energy Efficiency 

Close up for Novatech locking system

The main feature of the High Performance door is energy efficiency. As part of the building envelope, the entry door plays a crucial role as a thermal barrier. Thanks to its two seals and 0.5-inch thicker foam insulation than a standard door, Novatech’s High Performance door offers 30% more thermal insulation than a traditional steel door.

2. Let the Sunshine in

Want to flood your home with natural light? Combine a Novatech doorglass with your new High Performance door to create a distinctive entrance. Choose triple glazing to help achieve the energy efficiency you’re looking for. And if you’re looking to change the look years down the road, you can simply replace the doorglass with something more contemporary.

3. Enhanced Security 

In terms of security, the High Performance door provides you and your family with peace of mind. Made with 30% more steel than a traditional door, you’re choosing a door with enhanced robustness.

4. Greater Durability 

The High Performance door stands out for its superior sturdiness compared to an ordinary entry door that has less insulation material and steel. The difference is noticeable, thanks to its thickness of 5.7 cm (2.25 in), whereas an ordinary steel door is 4.45 cm (1.75 in) thick. This added strength gives the door exceptional resistance and considerably extends its lifespan.

5. A Watertight Seal Through and ThroughClose up of Novatech Weatherproofing

In water infiltration tests, the High Performance door proved twice as effective as a standard door. It withstood pressure of 540 Pa, equivalent to winds exceeding 110 km/h!

6. The Wise Choice for Quality 

When choosing a new entry door for an existing building or new construction, the aesthetics of the door and its harmony with the building are often decisive criteria. However, it’s important to note the benefits of a well-built, high-quality door go far beyond its appearance.

7. Out with the Noise

Whether it’s the noise of your neighbour mowing the lawn, the heavy traffic of a busy road or the comings and goings in the common areas of your condominium building, you want to preserve your peace and quiet and shield yourself from outside noise. High Performance doors offer exceptional soundproofing, acting as an effective barrier against noise from your external environment. As a result, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful home through considerably reduced noise pollution.

8. A Design in Harmony with Your Style 

The entry door is the first thing your visitors see. To ensure it blends perfectly with your décor, Novatech offers six stylish models. Homeowners who want to combine their door with a contemporary façade can opt for the trendy Soho, Vog or Uno models. Those who prefer more traditional lines can choose among the Victoria Shaker, Orleans, or London models. Gentek offers a multitude of colours to match your door to your home. You can choose the door that best suits your style to create perfect harmony with your home.