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Gentek Insulated Glass Packages Explained

Gentek Regency 400 winodws

You’ll face many considerations when purchasing new or replacement windows, from window material and brand to style and colour. However, one of the most important decisions is how energy efficient you want the windows to be. The windows you choose can impact your indoor comfort and energy bills. Keep reading to compare Gentek insulated glass packages and determine your desired level of energy efficiency: 

Quattro Glass Package 

The Quattro Glass Package is a dual-glazed system with triple-glazed glass performance. Two low-emissivity (Low-E) technology surfaces reflect heat back into the home, effectively increasing the Energy Rating (ER). The Gentek Quattro Glass Package is available with Regency 400 Series Custom Vinyl Windows and Regency High-Performance Vinyl Windows.

EnergyPlus Glass Package

Double-glazed EnergyPlus glass units feature one surface of Low-E glass, insulating argon gas and a Super Spacer structural foam spacer for an excellent ER. EnergyPlus is standard on Regency 400 Series Windows. This insulated glass package is best suited for colder climates to retain heat and help keep homes warm in winter. 

Solar Shield Glass Package

Gentek’s Solar Shield Glass Package features increased solar control to help create consistent indoor temperatures in regions with hot summers without reducing natural light. This glass package can block up to 50% more unwanted solar energy than standard clear glass and up to 40% more than dark-tinted glass, so you can rely less on your air-conditioning. With the Solar Shield Glass Package, you could achieve impressive centre-of-glass R-values up to 9, depending on the size and model of the window. 

BarrierXP Glass Packages (Western Canada)

Homeowners in Western Canada can choose from several triple-pane BarrierXP glass packages when they purchase 70 or 80 Series Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows. BarrierXP combines multi-layer Low-E glass, argon gas, and the Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System to achieve outstanding energy savings. 

The Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System features a unique metal alloy U-channel design that creates a powerful thermal barrier to reduce conducted heat loss through the window. Its sealed, one-piece solid construction makes Intercept spacers better at retaining insulating gas than many conventional designs.

Consult your local window professional for the best-suited glass package for your home and climate zone.