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Why You Should Consider Composite Cladding in 2024

With many exterior building materials available in 2024, making decisions for your new build or remodel can be challenging. Today’s homeowners seek durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetic siding options. When weighing up your options, consider the advantages of composite cladding for your home.

Enhanced Strength & Durability

In the quest for a long-lasting exterior, Gentek’s ALIGN Composite Cladding stands out. Engineered for performance, it resists high winds, moisture, fire, pests, and impact damage. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, ALIGN ensures exceptional quality and value, providing a resilient shield for your home.

Minimal Maintenance

For homeowners wanting low-maintenance siding solutions, composite cladding delivers. With no need for staining, painting, sealing, or caulking, ALIGN Composite Cladding mimics the authentic wood look while reducing the need for cleaning and care.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Eco-conscious choices are paramount today, and composite cladding offers a synthetic alternative to traditional timber. ALIGN Composite Cladding takes sustainability a step further by incorporating glass-reinforced polymer and graphite-infused polystyrene for superior strength—a win for both durability and the environment.

Realistic Texture & Contemporary Colour Palette

Home aesthetics in 2024 require a balance of realism and vibrancy. Composite cladding achieves this with an embossed deep-grain texture, providing a realistic wood finish. ALIGN Composite Cladding elevates colour vibrancy with weatherable pigments, ensuring superior colour retention for light shades and dark hues.

Visualize the impact of ALIGN on your home with the Gentek Visualizer—an innovative approach to choosing the perfect palette for your home in 2024!