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3 Things You Need to Know About Window Glazing

You may be aware that replacement windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, but did you know that window glazing plays a key role? Window manufacturers offer various glazing and glass packages to benefit the homeowner. We answer three common questions about window glazing to help you confidently choose the right solution for your home.

What is Window Glazing?

Window glazing refers to the glass layers installed within a window frame. There are multiple levels of glazing, starting with a single pane of glass (single-glazed), two panes of glass (double-glazed) and three panes of glass (triple-glazed).

What are the Benefits of Additional Window Glazing?

The more glazing a window has, the higher the energy efficiency. Window glazing works as an extra layer of insulation to help maintain a consistent indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption. Double- and triple-panes can also minimize outdoor noise and make your home quieter. Upgrade to a high-performance glass package with insulating argon gas between panes for optimal efficiency. Consider the addition of a Low-E glass coating to help protect furniture and carpet from harmful UV rays.

When Should I Reglaze My Windows?

Window reglazing is the process of replacing a glass pane or panes within a window frame. You should reglaze your windows if you notice cracked, broken or warped glass. Window condensation between glass panes can also signify the need to reglaze or replace your windows.

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