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5 Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Home Exterior

Gentek Board and Batten vertical siding in Marine Dusk

Modernizing your exterior can help make your home more attractive and potentially increase its resale value. Whether you want a quick fix or a complete transformation, give your home exterior a modern update with these five ideas:

Update the Colour Scheme

Refresh your home with a contemporary colour palette of deep grey, crisp white and moody black. If it suits your home, use black to accentuate gutters, trim, soffit, balcony railings and front porch pillars. Pair an all-white exterior with trendy black window frames for a modern farmhouse style. Use the Gentek Visualizer to compare modern chic colour palettes on your home and find the perfect fit.

Make Energy-Efficient Upgrades 

Energy-efficient upgrades can also add beauty, functionality and provide multiple year-round benefits for the homeowner. Modern-day windows and doors can help reduce energy consumption and help maintain a consistent indoor temperature while adding significant curb appeal

Replace Your Siding 

Old, damaged or peeling siding can age your home. If you need to replace your siding, consider modern alternatives such as vertical board and batten or ChamClad Architectural Panels. Mix and match siding styles and textures for a unique custom look, and consider adding natural wooden accents or faux-wood soffit and siding to modernize a dated exterior. 

Refresh the Landscaping

Give your landscaping some TLC. Add modern elements such as rock gardens, succulents, or vertical gardens. Use natural stone, wood, and metal to add texture and interest. If you have the budget, build a back deck, patio or front porch. For a quick update, install modern light fixtures such as LED sconces or pendants to illuminate the exterior.

Incorporate Smart Technology

Add the latest technology to your home exterior with smart home features controlled from your smartphone. Smart innovations such as entrance systems with touch keypads can add ease and convenience to your life, even when you’re not at home.